Boo and Sukoo Halloween Party Theme

Boo and Sukoo, two hauntingly good friends, set the tone for a Boo-tacular time for your Halloween festivities with this fun party theme! Making any event special is all about the connections you make, the moments you create and the details that go into the event. Boo and Sukoo are here to help you with adding those special details so you only have to think about making those special connections and memorable moments!

This scavenger hunt theme started out with someone crying ‘Boo hoo, I’ve lost my … will you help me find…’ and after a few drafts, Boo, the ghost, was crying ‘Boo-hoo, I’ve lost my black cat, Sukoo. Will you help me find her?’

Boo and Sukoo Scavenger Hunt
Try out the demo.

As I was sketching out Boo and Sukoo for the scavenger hunt and drafting out the words, it started to turn into a story. To help with the flow, I designed standing cards with ‘Boo and Sukoo’ marking the beginning and end of the scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt cards are smaller with a cute border and an illustrated ‘Sukoo’ in many poses of where she likes to hang out around the house. My daughter loves cats, and our memories of our last cat inspired the silliness that Sukoo embodied throughout the piece. I think my favorite pose has to be the one of Sukoo trying to get into the shoe. Our cat would go nuts and perform acrobatics when she was around our shoes and tried to show that with Sukoo. To hold little treats and candies, to be found during the scavenger hunt, I designed the ‘Boo and Sukoo’ favor boxes and made them customizable so I could put different name’s on the boxes. Other ideas that they could be used for are table setting decorations or parting favors since you can customize them to include name’s or your own message. 

Boo and Sukoo Favor Box
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After designing the scavenger hunt and knowing that we wanted to make it festive this year, the design of the invitation, banner, food tents, cupcake toppers, cupcake wrappers, gift tags, an invitation, and thank you notes shortly followed! There is also a matching ‘Boo and Sukoo’ Halloween Greeting Card. Some of the printables are instant downloads. Most of the printables can be customized using Corjl, an online application that allows you to access your printable from your desktop, tablet or phone to edit, download and print! There are demo links included with the customizable products so you can see if it works for you before purchasing.

Boo and Sukoo Halloween Invitation
Try out the demo.

Boo and Sukoo Halloween Banner
Try out the demo.

Food Tent
Try out the demo.

Gift Tags
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Thank You Notes
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Cupcake wrappers and Cupcake Toppers (sold separately)
Cupcake Wrappers demo
Cupcake Toppers demo

So there it is! The whole Boo and Sukoo party themed items! If you purchase and print any of the Boo and Sukoo products, show us on instagram #CobbleandMoss. We’d love to see them!

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