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The Invitations that Started It All

It all started with a sketch, and then it grew from there!

-Michelle Jackson

Planning my son’s first birthday, to me, had to be special, in a creative memorable way. We chose Rocket ships and Robots.  It was a theme we used in his bedroom, and something that was a constant during his first year.  We had a chalkboard wall that my son and I drew on all the time together, and one day started doodling out his invite, which sparked the idea to draw and hand letter his invitation and have him pose in front of it! It turned out to be so cute, and the feedback and response from friends and family were so positive…

I did the same for my daughter’s birthday…

…and again for my son’s 3rd Birthday

The process is incredibly fun for me. I love planning and I love designing for all sorts of different occasions.

Being a Creative is not a hobby, it is a way of life


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