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Egg-cellent Spring Coffee Filter Tulips

These frilly tulips will brighten your living space this spring and we could definitely use some brightness during these trying times. They’re incredibly simple to make and if you have kids around, this is a great activity to do with them.

Supply List

  • 1 – Plastic Fillable Egg – opens in half horizontally with two little holes on each end.
  • 2 – #4 Coffee Filters
  • 1 – Straw (I found white paper straws and painted them with lime green acrylic paint, but any non-bendy straw will do)
  • 1 – 18.5-19” of craft wire
  • Colored markers (water-based)
  • Scissors
  • Spray bottle with water
  • Transparent tape

Download the PDF Template

click here

What I love most is that you can put treats in the fillable eggs and add an element of surprise to a whimsical part of the spring decor, table scape, an egg hunt, or to a Mother’s Day bouquet.

PRINTABLE - Pie Favor Box - Bunny and Carrot
PRINTABLE – Pie Favor Box – Bunny and Carrot

Crafted to be part of my background tablescape decor for the Bunny and Carrot Favor boxes, the idea for the tulips came from past craft projects involving coffee filter flowers. After raiding the spring craft basket, and playing around with the materials, the Egg-cellent Spring Coffee Filter Tulip was crafted. The kids loved being involved with coloring and spraying the coffee filters and watching the colors spread.

Enjoy your springtime festivities.

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