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New Name! New Brand! New Site!

This has been a long time in the making and am relieved, excited, nervous and all of the feelings to finally be able to announce my new brand name, Cobble and Moss! A name I feel aligns more with my creative mission, vision and my ‘Why.’

Mission – Our mission is to bring you joy, inspiration and human connection thru art and the creative process, greeting cards, invitations and event decorations. 

Vision – Our vision is to create a cozy creative space that brings out the wonder and creativity to strengthen human connection and build community.

My Why – The desire to inspire others to explore the creative process and create human connections thru my artwork, tutorials, or workshops.

The name represents the creative process – cobbles, being the different paths we have taken during our lifetime and what it brings to our creativity, and moss, representing nature, grounding, giving you the space you need to settle in and allow for creative flow.

Cobble and Moss is a cozy creative studio that runs on a passion and love for creativity that you will see meandering thru everything that is offered. It’s a place where you’ll find inspiration for your everyday, your home and for your events. Products offered are designed by myself and are all original designs.

Creatively Yours,

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