Mission – Our mission is to create products and share creative inspiration that brings you joy and inspires creativity.

Vision – Our vision is to create a cozy creative space that brings out the wonder and creativity to strengthen human connection and build community.

Core Values – Our core values are Creativity, Curiosity, Wonder and Joy!

Hi, I’m Michelle Jackson a Multimedia/Graphic Designer, Illustrator, crafty DIY’er and the founder of Cobble and Moss and this is my ’Why.’

There has always been a drive to create ever since I was young and was fortunate enough to follow that passion that brings me a lot of joy. It’s almost a necessity that there is time to be in the creative mindset and give my imagination room to flow and create. Whether it’s thru an art print, craft, greeting card, invitation or planning fun decorations at a gathering, my creative process allows for self expression and has a strong focus on human connection.

A huge part of my growth was learning about other artists journeys and the hope by sharing my journey, ideas and inspiration is that it will help you along your journey to inspire your creativity.

I feel it’s my purpose to bring that kind of joy and inspiration to the world and can fulfill that purpose thru Cobble and Moss. ”

The story of Cobble and Moss

The story starts with a passion project of starting my own design studio, and in May of 2016 I started one up. The driving desire to open a studio at that time were my two children. Taking the time from my career as a Graphic Designer to be a stay-at-home mom, my drive and passion to be creative led to finding my own illustrative and design style, engaging in creative projects, and creating fun, personal and memorable invitations and party decorations. Over time it became apparent that the brand that I envisioned didn’t align with the brand name. For many years and many sketchbook pages of ideas, the new brand name was inspired after taking a photo of the sun shining thru a clump of moss heads. The little moss heads inspired the brand symbol and the ’ampersand’, and worn cobbles inspired the slight worn look of the brand name.

The name aligned with my why, mission and vision, and was a name I knew I could stand behind – Cobble and Moss. The name represents the creative process – cobbles, being the different paths we have taken during our lifetime and what it brings to our creativity, and moss, representing nature, grounding, giving you the space you need to settle in and allow for creative flow. A cozy creative space.

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